11th July 2018

The Scimitar 10 Jul 2018


A very fine good day to every one…

The boot is securely on the Northern Hemisphere’s foot at the moment….I have had friends and family there (as I’m sure we all have)sending pictures of their braai’s and temperature gauges well into the 30’s…whilst we are shivering and under attack from another cold front (or was it just return of the one that arrived a couple of days earlier…??) but that said…let them have their two weeks of glorious weather…everyday brings me one day closer to “Braaivleis, Sunshine, Sunny Skies and Chevrolet!!” for those older Members who will remember the radio advert from a “looong way back”…I personally can’t wait….some of the only positives that I take out of the Winters…is that I can play my beloved hockey or wrap up warmly, then wriggle and squirm myself into a comfortable position on the couch to watch some sport on TV…

What does everyone think of the Soccer World Cup? A few surprises to be sure…but I’m certain that there will be a large contingent of England supporters who are chuffed with their team…..the Croatians although, I think, are now boxing above their weight division (but that coming from someone whose shocking side went out in the last 16, what do I know?)…I think the pick of the semi’s will be the France / Belgium clash…both sides have played some scintillating football…. (the Belgians pulled one out of the fire against the Japanese, while the French have been very workmanlike in all their matches)….my SuperBru record says I should definitely not make any predictions…so I will anyway…a Belgium/England Final…with a Belgian 3-1 victory…

WImbledon is also getting interesting….and with all the top ten ladies seeds out…just shows how close competition is at the top of the tree in the girls game….Serena appears to be too strong for everyone else, despite her lay-off…and I think will take it to take home her 8th title…while on the men’s side…my patriotic side says I must support Anderson to go a little further…but the “Fed” is looming large for all other competitors…as this phenomenon appears to have no age complications and just seems to get better and better….his ability to overcome the ravages of age with splendid court technique and anticipation have been a joy to behold….I can just imagine the ragging I am going to get for my trifecta of predictions in the last 10 lines….ah well….live by the sword as they say….

And now for a run down at the North over the weekend….despite our cooler weather on Friday night…we still had a solid turnout who braved the chilly temperatures…to watch the quarter finals of the World Cup and participate in the Members and Joker draws….the Members draw is still not won and this week has moved up a little further to R6200..but on the Joker draw we had a new name out of the “beeeg black box” this week…. Cheryl Bartle (whom I was at school with) experienced the same feeling of bewilderment….standing in front of the display box… (I have been told it really does appear large and intimidating when you eventually do get a chance to make a selection)and after a short period of consideration she made her choice…and came up with the 10 of hearts…so another roll over for all the rest of us…and the “pot” jumps up to R59267…this week our entertainment is the massively talented Cedz and Tryst…for all those lovers of Rock music…these guys are a must….I’m sure they will warm up the cockles of your heart with their rendition of the old favourites…there will also be plenty of fires lit to take the chill off the evening…we will also be having some double hour whacky booze specials for Friday 13th….and offer quite a few of our local favourites at a R13 price tag from 18h00 to 20h00…so, the more you drink the more you save (a favourite saying of an old friend of mine!!)…please keep an eye on our Social media platforms and the Notices around the Club… should be a cracker of an evening at the North…

Our top soccer sides were really on song (in duet!!) this weekend with a real “double” against Kempton….the first and second sides, shared 4-3 wins over Kempton Park…with both managers having moments where the nails were bitten right down to the quick…but were very chuffed with their positive results for the day….the firsts have moved up to a spot above mid table…whilst the second side are now seven points clear of the second placed side, albeit that Luso have played one game less at present. This week there is a break from league activities…as we enter the quarter finals of the Cup….our sides are travelling to the Italian Club in Bedforview, to take on Olympia for a spot in the semi’s…all the best lads….may the ball find the oppositions net more often than it finds ours…. The young guns, in the form of our Colts, also had another great result with a great victory over Robertsham…well done chaps…

The Rugby boys had a great day of centralised fixtures across the road…and although the results did not go our way…everyone was bubbling with excitement at the success of the organisation and feedback for the day…well done fellows….

Our Major ‘A’ baseballers had a little hiccough over the weekend going down to the Giants, while the all our other teams enjoyed success on the day…. we’ll have to change those stats this weekend boys….let us get out there and do it…

Hockey is back in full swing again this weekend…with the men starting the second round of fixtures….so we will have a full house of fixtures over the weekend…expect to see a bunch of “hockiers” in and around the Club over the weekend…

Our runners are having a marvellous initiative next week (which I respectfully request all Members to assist with). the 18th is Mandela Day…and the Athletics Club have decided to dedicate their Club run next Wednesday to Madiba…and will be holding a Blanket drive for this purpose….we will be collecting Blankets (and any other unwanted warm clothing) at the Office up to and including the 18th…and all our donations will be forwarded to the Northfield Methodist Church for their distribution to the needy over this freezing period of the year….

That is all for this week…. please send any moans and groans to

Cheers for now…..   Rod

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing   Cheryl Bartie (Social) drew the 10 of Hearts. Joker sitting on R59267.00 for Friday 13th July. Be there to win it!!

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The roller is looking magnificent after its makeover.  The nets are being transformed and will only be available for use in August.  Big things happening at Benoni Northerns. If you aren’t with us for the coming season yet, maybe now is the time to get those forms signed.

Junior Cricket have a U12 squad touring to Sri Lanka later this year. They are current running a fundraiser and will be having a barnyard evening in July.


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