3rd May 2019

The Scimitar 2 May 2019


A fresh good morning to everyone…

We have definitely reached the change of season….our office which is a sauna in the warmer periods….has slowly evolved into a deep freeze….and Glenda and I look like two Eskimo’s when we dress for work….but the scenery outside makes the approaching winter a little more bearable…I have lived with pin-oak trees as part of my life for well nigh on 60 years….as a kid having to sweep up leaves as nauseam, there always seemed to be an endless supply of dead leaves from the trees in our street, one of the chores I used to hate with a passion….but the amazing hue of colours that they possess, while these dead and dying leaves are still high above their dying final carpet, always amazed me…..from gorgeous greens, through faded yellows, burnished oranges, deep reds to finally become a drab and dead brown…opens a page in a chapter of natures beauty that is difficult to match….very soon the stark and awkwardness of the trees branches without leaves will soon be displayed…and the mercury in the thermometer will drop to its lower regions before we start to see the stirrings of spring again….

There were also a kaleidoscope of new and different colours at the North on Sunday…when the Robor Marathon was again hosted…..the sponsor erected a most impressive start gantry…with massive structures at the Club’s main entrance around our two palms (which also received a well needed a haircut at the same time…thank you to Perry and his team for their kind assistance)…..there was also more scaffolding erected at the finish line and for the prize giving stage….they were certainly most impressive…but were suitably matched by the organisational skills of our athletics team….headed up Julie (with Jan moving sideways diplomatically and only jumping in when it was specifically necessary) and her crew of able volunteers……at the end of the day…it was a resounding success….everything going off smoothly (apart from a Coke truck deciding that the hockey field was the new Monster Jam course)….runners, officials and spectators alike all agreed that it was a fantastic day….I have an email dedicated to any and all Club reviews received…and I can tell you that it sounded like a morse code message being received the whole day on Sunday…and a majority of the star ratings were 5’s….. so thank you to all….two days after the race and there are very few traces of a major marathon being held at our venue….congratulations to everyone….

Our soccer boys did not have the most successful of weekends….with the reserves having to settle with a 1-1 draw….whilst the first side came back on the wrong side of a seven goal thriller….which means that the reserves are currently lying in 5th out of 14 and the firsts 6th out the 14…..this week the boys are up in an East Rand derby…playing against Boksburg at the North….reserves kicking off at 13h45…while the firsts will follow them at 15h30…..

The rubgy boys kept up the momentum from the start to the season….and were able to have a clean sweep in the boys matches…while the girls suffered a disappointing loss in their first official match at the North…bad luck girls…all reports received are positive though…which does auger well for the future….the under 21’s had a convincing win, the second side a walk over….but in the firsts it was definitely a hard fought affair…..with a very mobile opposition, who threw everything into attack at every opportunity…..we were able to withstand masses of pressure in the last quarter to emerge as 36-29 winners…..a wonderful start to the season for our rugger buggers….I was part of the excited crowd watching the heart stopping last 15 minutes…the adrenalin was pumping at high speed…..very well done….a bunch of tired but very proud boys trudged off the field afterwards….this week we should have been on the road to travel to Kempton…but their grounds aren’t ready yet….so another home match for us….all the best boys….let’s keep the momentum going by starting on the front foot and moving forwards…..all spectators get along to support the chaps in the quest to keep this perfect start going…

The hockey girls and boys were a little lost with the limited parking and no games at the Astro on Sunday….but I did see a few of the sides persevering and landing up in the beer garden amongst all the runners and officials from the Marathon machine….. but this week, we are back in full swing…and expect a full house of hockey players present on the weekend….

Our Joker draw is starting to attract some serious attention…..and there was a pulsating crowd at the draw on Friday…with only 10 cards left and the prospect of close on R180k available for finding the Joker….ticket sales were clicking over at quite a rate….and when 19h30 arrived there was a sizeable crowd squeezing into the Main Bar…all craning their necks to get their chance to see what was happening and hoping that it was their chance to find the Joker…..and this week I had another newcomer to the Joker cabinet…. Alec Austen had his name emerge from the beeeeeg black box….and despite all the advice given by the expectant crowd…he was pretty confident that he had made an accurate selection…..and as the card was turned….ecstatic applause erupted…which meant that the Joker remained face down for another week….Alec had made his selection second down and second across from the top left corner….and the Queen of Diamonds made her appearance… more singing, shouting and applause continued until finally it died down enough for me to announce that this week with only 9 cards left to choose from…we have R188 735 available this week…..a big jump in the jackpot…. and we can expect a significant number of new people at the draw this week…so remember to get here early…it could be busy…we will have a satellite beer bar open to try to take some pressure off the main watering holes… come along and enjoy the start of the weekend with as at the North…and possibly go home with a significant windfall in your bank account….

On Friday our entertainment is provided by the very accomplished musician Eben playing in the Scimitar….please come along and listen to him… he will get your feet a tapping and you to sing along with some his popular cover classics….

Have a super week….hope to see you all soon… cheers Rod for any information you may like me to know about…whether they are good or bad vibes…Ta

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Alec Austen (Athletics) drew the Queen of Diamonds – Joker Draw a turnover at R188 735.00 for Friday 03rd May


Eben will be entertaining us on Friday 03rd May from 18h30
At a planning meeting, attended by all Sub Club Chairmen plus invited additional Sub Club Committee Members, held in 2018, it was agreed that we hold a R100 a ticket fund-raising drive to raise funds for fields and building maintenance.  This initiative is being driven by Mark Hardman and your Sub Club Chairmen were all issued with books of tickets in 2018.  We are currently faced with a repair bill of R45,000 for the big ride-on mower and a lessor amount of R15,000 for the smaller, older one that we use. Without these two machines, we will be unable to keep the grounds in the superb condition that they are currently in. Needless to say, we are receiving less and less support from Ekurhuleni and we can only assume that this will reduce further. Some of the other sporting facilities in Ekurhuleni bear testimony to this.  Your urgent support in this venture is therefore requested.  Your sub club chairman has the tickets – please ask him/her for them as we are planning to hold the first of 5 draws in May this year.  Your support is and will be appreciated.  Kindest regards,  Laurence (Lockey) Brown – Benoni Northern Sports Club Chairman

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to our athletes, sponsors, spectators, helpers & members. We had a phenomenal race day!We would like to hear from our athletes. What did you feel was good about the Robor Scaffolding Marathon 2019What did you feel was better than before? AND What do you feel was the best part of today?
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If you completed the race and can’t find your results on – please send your query to

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Wally Hayward Half Marathon done and dusted in time of 1:11:05 achieving position 5. “It is my dream to finish in top 5 of all the races I do” – Bright .

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Benoni Northerns Junior Cricket Awards. Well done to all our boys and girls. A BIG thank you to our special guest Malusi Siboto from the Lions for joining us on this special day. We would also like to thank our Junior Club Chairman, Jason Clark. Thank you Jason for all your hard work and dedication the past six years. Your time and efforts are truly appreciated.

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Saturday 27 April Benoni Northerns had 3 games . First up was the under 21s that smashed the opposition under 21s VUT 57-3 . VUT don’t have a second team so the ladies team played in their time slot against Boksburg but unfortunately lost 0-20 The first team had a hard game but won the game 36-29 . First team and under 21s won both first two games of the league and are looking good. Second team got the points so they also have two games in the bag and no loses.
Benoni Notherns are very proud to announce that junior rugby will be starting this year at the club and will be the exclusive junior club in Benoni. Registrations for juniors will be 6 and 13 May in the hall at the main club from 19:00 in the evening.  Please bring copy of medical aid card,copy of ID for principal member of medical aid and unabridged birth certificate of player. Photos will be taken at club.  Clubfees for the season per household: R350 for 1 player ; R650 for 2 players ; R900 for 3 players.  1 Brodigan street ,Northmead , Benoni Contact Jaco Havenga on havenga_ j@