7th February 2019

The Scimitar 06 Feb 2019


A special good day to you all

Exciting times are awaiting us as we advance the Club into the digital era….we will soon have a fully functional on-line registration system for all of our members, throughout the spectrum of sporting codes that we offer at the North….allied to that we will see the phasing out of our distinctive metal discs that used to be evidence of our Membership at this esteemed establishment…from the beginning of our new financial year (which happens to coincide with the start of the new month, March) we will be issuing a plastic, credit card look-a -like, membership card….which will in addition to stating the obvious of being a fully paid up member….entitle you to membership discounts at the bar, special offers and prices from our kitchen….and promotions that may be offered from time to time….in addition to all of this, you will be able to put money onto this card and then be able to complete your purchases at the Club by allowing the barman to scan your unique code at the Point of Sale system……these cards will be issued to all members as your subs are paid, and will be valid for the year of issue….for those technophobes who only carry their phones with them, you will be overjoyed to hear that a copy of this code will be sent to your email when the physical card is issued…and may be used in the same manner as the card…with the same results…. you will be able to check your “credit” at any point…which will be explained fully on issue….and I am sure that despite all the time, effort and hard work that has been put into this mammoth task, and all the guarantees by our suppliers that it will work effortlessly….there may be some teething problems that will occur…so I request your patience will we smooth out the hassles as and when they occur….

I am convinced that our Members believe that they will “melt” in the rain….since joining as Manager…I have not missed too many Friday nights at the North…but as soon as there appears to any likelihood of the water from the heavens….our Members seem to stay at home and do not venture their noses outside….so we had a quieter than normal crowd on Friday…but that gave those here a little better chance of being selected…that said….one of our two famous (or is it infamous) men who stands behind the camera and take the photos of the Joker Jackpot contestant every week….almost had to take a “selfie” this week…. our Football Chairman, Rodney Farrell, who had recently been complaining to me…that in the almost 5 years that the Joker draw has been at the North for….had not been called up even once….well just to show that everyone has an equal chance at being selected….it was Rodney’s chance to have his 5 minutes of fame this week….with over R118k available….and he eventually calmed himself enough, to review the available choices and selected one row up from centre…on the extreme right hand side…..the crowd eventually stilled and craned their necks to see what his choice was to be….the nine of hearts… normal a cacophony of applause, singing and whistling from the crowd broke out, as they realised the Joker was alive for another week…and with the Jackpot now starting to grew fairly quickly….it has now grown to R122345 and with only 20 cards still face down…..your chances improve each week of finding that elusive joker….so come along down this week and try your luck….you may just be the next winner of our Joker Jackpot…. last week we had all the aspiring Idols winners with an evening of Karaoke….while this week we have the return of Freedom Unfound….Alan Knight will be waiting for their rendition of Lightning Crashes to satisfy his craving for real Live music again… be sure to get into the Scimitar to rock along to this great band…

With cricket having a bit of break while they waited for the last matches to be squeezed in….and rugby only starting up with their warm up games next week….the attention focussed on the soccer boys in their first match of the season against Sporting…..and not our best results for the weekend….after the second side ruling the roost last year….this year is going to be a year of building as the players from last year move up to the first side for their opportunity…and there are a whole lot of new players being “blooded” for the future….quite a few players were given a chance to showcase their skills….and after being 2-0 up at half time allowed Sporting to hit back hard in the second half with a clinical display and we ended up on the wrong side of a 3-2 result…but for the first game of the season, a “not too bad” comment aptly summed up the day…. and with a new look 1st side…Jannie had his work cut out to mould this unit into a purring machine…..but he has done an admirable job and the boys had a highly satisfactory report card to share the spoils and come away with a 1-1 draw….some detractors may say that there were a few opportunities missed that may have allowed us to bring home the win…all other signs were encouraging enough to have a super base to build the season from now…. this week we travel to Luso and a really tough encounter awaits us there… grit your teeth boys and give your all and bring back the spoils to brag about……

Our Baseballers had a massive day of action on Sunday with 16 matches being hosted on our grounds…and from the report back from the Chairman…the day was a huge success….well done to Shaun and his dedicated team of helpers….to be able to host a tournament of this size successfully was a major feather in your and the Club’s cap….. an awesome achievement…..

Our cricket boys are back on the fields this week and host CBC at the North on Sunday with the first ball being bowled at 10h00….they would love your support…so if you are looking to watch some great cricket…the North is the place to be…

Hockey 5’s has returned to the Club with a vengeance…and more of these action packed will be hosted at the Astro again on Sunday…with action hitting off early at 08h00…there are also a couple of catch up games postponed due to the lightening last Sunday….so expect a pretty full programme of hard, fast and furious hockey all day….

Speaking of Lightening….we are aware of this threat that is now starting to become an epidemic…we are currently looking at installing a siren to warn all participants at the Club of any threatening activity in the vicinity…..we will be getting a policy and procedure out to all Members as a matter of urgency over the next week to ensure the safety of all participants on our grounds in the future…

If there is anything you would like to bring to my attention that you think hasn’t been done in the past…please feel free to email me on

Cheers…have a super week



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Rodney Farrelll (Football/Main Club Exec) drew the 9 of Spades. Joker Draw a turnover at R122345.00 for Friday 08th February.
 “Freedom Unfound” entertaining us from 18h30 – Friday 08th February

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BNAC 2019 Club Runs:
· Tuesday 5 – 6am – Start /Finish at BNAC
· Tuesday 5:45pm – 4/8km Time Trial – Start/Finish on Wilge Road, Farramere
· Wednesday 5 – 6am – Start /Finish at BNAC
· Wednesday 5:45pm – Start /Finish at BNAC – Currently 10-12km, increased every month building to Comrades
· Friday 5 – 6am – Start /Finish at BNAC
· Saturday 6am Hills – Start/Finish at Bedfordview Virgin Active 18km, increase from mid Feb
We have 2 different paced schools running on Tuesday & Friday mornings & 4 different paced schools on Wednesday evenings.

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BNBC had a busy weekend – Starting on Saturday with all the last minute field preparations. Early rain kept loads of people away, however the Legends that are always willing to help, that care about their club, came and assisted. Baseball played hosts to all of the calendars fixtures on both junior and senior level, hosting 16 games in total, one of the busiest Sundays that baseball has ever experienced. I’d like to put out a massive thank you to all of the members, and even non members that assisted in helping to prepare our fields and facilities in time for Sunday’s events. You are Legends. Thank you. Shaun Deyzel – BNBC Chairman

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Our first warm up games for BNRC u21, 2nd and 1st teams are confirmed. We will have our first warm up 16 February at Delmas rugby day following with rugby days at Springs 23 February, Brakpan 2 March and Nigel 9 March.

If you want to play rugby this year get to practice so we can get you fit. Practice on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 18:00 for 18:30. See you there…..