12th July 2018

Bridge Results 10 July 2018

Record results

Tonight was cosy, in the Ladies Bar, the fire burning away, with some of our regulars not present, probably because they were watching the Jukskei championships, or was it Curling or something? I don’t know, but they say there might be a repeat tomorrow night, with different teams or something. Whatever!

What’s that you asked? Tonight’s results?

Yeh, OK, do you know what?

There might just have been a world record result tonight!

Paul and Bridie won tonight with the highest percentage ever achieved in the history of our club! 82.64%. Shall I repeat that?


And then came Deirdre and Helen, followed by Di and Barbara in third place, some distance behind!

To put the above in perspective, we know that Robert and Lotte once scored 80% here, some time last year, but this was definitely the highest ever.

Does anyone know how to contact the Guinness Book of Records?

Thanks finally to Geoff for a very pleasant game tonight. We came 4th, which was right there in the middle.

I’m finished now, the computer acted up and didn’t record all the scores until I put it on my dining room table and coaxed the last few boards out of the server, but everything was then correct, so all is well. I’m going to bed and I’ll see most of you lot on Thursday.




Pos Pair Players Match
Score % Master
Small Slams Grand Slams
1 8 Bridie Bullen-Smith & Paul van der Wal 119/ 144 82.64 20 2
2 1 Deirdre Ingersent & Helen Roberts 94/ 144 65.28 15
3 6 Di England & Barbara Goldman 89/ 144 61.81 10 1
4 7 Roy Hayward & Geoff Ridyard 80/ 144 55.56 5 1
5 5 Caroline Franks & Karin Whitburn 58/ 144 40.28
6 2 Heather Stevens & Judy Spangenberg 54/ 144 37.50
7 4 Lisa Adamson & Trish Blair 48/ 144 33.33
8 3 Dallis Pattle & Rosemarie Conlin 34/ 144 23.61

Hand Records

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