4th September 2019

Bridge Results 3 Sep 2019


Pos Pair Players Match
Score % Master
1 2 Jan Verberck & Bill Wilkie 86/ 144 59.72 20
2 1 Deirdre Ingersent & Helen Roberts 84/ 144 58.33 15
3 6 Di England & Barbara Goldman 78/ 144 54.17 10
4 5 Ann Schreiber & Diana Boudewijns 75/ 144 52.08 5
5 3 Paul van der Wal & Bridie Bullen-Smith 73/ 144 50.69
6 4 Lisa Adamson & Trish Blair 64/ 144 44.44
7 7 Heather Stevens & Judy Spangenberg 59/ 144 40.97
8 8 Geoff Ridyard & Charles Berriman 57/ 144 39.58

Hand records

Tues 3 Sept

I am taking the liberty of sending you this –

True Story – Dummy may not touch a card, or play a card before declarer nominates it.

The following incidents occurred at a Social game, and I (Hang my head in shame) was the culprit, and on a Thursday at the Club.

 Declarer in 4S.   A low spade was played from dummy, won by declarer with the Ace.  Declarer led a spade and dummy quickly played the King.  Fourth player followed suit.   Before closing the trick declarer said to dummy – I actually wanted the 10.    Fourth player said, but I have accepted the play of the King.

Law 45D1 states that if attention is drawn to it, the card played by dummy must be replaced by the designated card, and 4th player may return his played card to his hand.

A similar incident occurred on a Thursday and “more experienced” players told “less experienced” players it could not be corrected.

Moral of the Story:   The Tournament Director is not there to “crack the whip”, but to help in situations like this, where an impartial ruling can be given.

The rationale of the Laws of 2017 is to restore equity rather than to be punitive

Love you All