31st July 2019

Bridge Results 30 Jul 2019


 Bill            [18   –   2]         Di         (Champions)
             Deirdre      [18   –   2]         Diana    (3rd & 4th playoff)
             Roy            [walkover]        Caroline (5th & 6th playoff)
             (Caroline   [20   –   0]         Pauline, Colleen, Charles and Geoff)
    congratulations to all those who competed and to all those who filled in when necessary. to the committee – well done
    on a most enjoyable tournament, especially, introducing a new format whereby all  teams have interest, up to and including,
    the final day. this is bridge in its purest form and hopefully encourage our newer players to partake in this event in the
(paul van der wal)

Hand records

Tues 30th July