31st May 2018

Team results May 2018

I don’t know if I’m only speaking for myself when I say this, but I’m always disappointed when our monthly Teams event finishes just after ten on the last Tuesday of every month. It’s anticlimactic to me, because it is just so enjoyable. But hey, that’s me and I’m rambling again.

How about last night? We sat N/S the whole night, as the home team, and apart from a rather sparse smattering of about 6 hands, the majority of biddable hands went to E/W. No complaints from our side about that, because in Teams it all evens out, so we competed, our opposition did a little better, that’s life!

Board number 23 was remarkable, wasn’t it? For those members who didn’t participate last night, and there are many of you, here it is, in all it’s glory.
North Dlr: South
S 82 Vul. Both
H QT93
D T5
C QT872
West East
S A S KJ9753
H A2 H K854
D AQJ96432 D 8
C A3 C K9
S QT64
H J76
D K7
C J654

The possible contracts that can be made are 7D, 5S, and 7NT. There were some swings on this hand, some minor, some major, different contracts, varying from 5D to 6S to 6NT. What a hand! What drama!

The Teams standings are as per the attached sheet, but to summarise, they are as follows;

1. Bridie, Paul, Bill, Clyde 55
2. Roy, Ian, Mary, Jan 53
3. Diana, Ann, Vaun, Guylaine 46
4. Di, Barbara, Tor, Cathy 40
5. Deirdre,Helen Margaret, Hanneke 26
6. Caroline, Marianne, Heather, Karin 17
7. Bram, Tico, Geoff, Jerome 3

After handicaps are applied, standings are as follows:

1. Diana and team 55
2. Roy and team 48
3. Bridie and team 42
4. Di and team 33
5. Caroline and team 24
6. Deirdre and team 23
7. Bram and team 15
Please peruse the Excel spreadsheet for all the details, and the hand records attached as well.

It’s now tea time in the Hayward household, complete with homemade cookies and “No, Troy, with your Arthritis, chocolate chip cookies are no good for you!”

See most of you tomorrow.



TEAMS 2018 Results

Hand Records

41 May 29