28th March 2018

Bridge Team Championship 27 Mar 2018

The second round took place last night, with six teams battling it out, and Di’s team having a bye this month. The match between Bridie and Bram’s team went according to seeding, with Team 1 scoring 96 IMPS against 12 of team 7.

In the second match, between Roy and Diana’s team, the result was much closer, with Diana’s team winning 55 to 47 IMPS, the end result hinging on just one board, where there was a swing of 950, or 14 IMPS. Well done to Diana and her ladies.

In match 3, Caroline and her girls came out on top against Deirdre’s team, by 63 to 41 IMPS, which was against the ‘ form books’ but very well done to them.

After handicaps are applied, the results are as follows;

Bridie 17- Bram 3
Roy 6 – Diana 14
Caroline 17 – Deirdre 3

The full results and cumulative standings are in the attachment.

Well played everyone and we’ll see you at next month’s third round.

It’s tea time now in the Hayward household, with homemade chocolate chip biscuits.

See most of you tomorrow. Troy also just brought his ball to me, wanting me to throw it for him to pursue. I notice it’s got a distinct bias through the air, almost like reverse swing on a cricket ball. Hmm! Maybe he’s been licking one side of the ball?

Enough, enough!

Naughty Roy

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