25th April 2018

Bridge Team Championship 24 Apr 2018

The April teams event went off sharply at 1900, the hands were strange, difficult to assess, distribution right off the charts, etc, etc. All the usual moans and groans from all the usual suspects.
But, to be honest, they were difficult, no easy tricks, no easy contracts, which is probably the way it should be, isn’t that so?

Ah well, the results are as per the attached Excel spreadsheet, but to summarise, the following is what happened tonight.

Roy’s gang 18   Deirdre’s 2
Di’s team   18    Bram’s  2
Diana’s girls 18  Caroline’s 2

That’s right folks, we all played the same boards, got to different contracts sometimes, made differing numbers of tricks, made different leads, but ended up 18 to 2 VP’s in each of tonight’s contests! The handicapped results changed the picture a little, but still ended up as wins for each of the above.

The contest is hotting up, people.

Watch this space.


Teams Championship

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