10th August 2018

Bridge Results 9 Aug 2018

Women’s day! And still we played at Benoni Northerns Bridge Club. We’re hardy types here, even with the bitterly cold wind blowing across the car park. It takes a lot to deter our members when Thursdays come around. Huh! What’s this about public holidays that seems to send some of you to other places, do other things, start something new? Careful now!

OK everyone, it was a seven table event and the winners were that pair with little experience, that seldom ever win anything, ag shame! Helen and Barbara scraped in with a margin of 3,5%, followed some 10 or so points behind by Sid and Roz in second place.

There you have it, they did it again, the little devils! Scary! Good! Consistent!

There was a decision that had to be made by Lisa today, where two pairs played the wrong board and recorded it as the other board of the two. In this case the final decision was to award both pairs 40% each, thereby penalising both of them because they were both at fault.Please, in future, check that you’re firstly playing at the correct table, then the correct boards, in proper order.

One of my favourite boards today was number 15. South opened 1C, alerted as a possible approach, possibly as little as two clubs. North bid 1H, so, being not vulnerable, I threw in a 2C bid with my 12 points, which was passed out. What made this quite funny to me was my club holding, which was A5432, or is that A2345 or 54321? Do you see what I mean? There I was, contemplating dummy when it went down, with a naked, shivering singleton J of clubs lying there, therefore we were missing KQ109876! I spent a few moments wondering whether to arrange my trumps from 1 to 5 instead of 5 to 1! Needless to say, we didn’t make the contract, going 4 down, with the opposition being able to make 4H, or indeed 9 tricks in Clubs! Not nice, strange, my bid, which was a natural, both keeping the opposition out of what was a 4H contract, but resulting in a poor score for us. Have a look at the board to see what everyone else bid and tell me, was I wrong to bid? At a level of only two, not vulnerable? And I wasn’t doubled.

Here’s the hand:

So you see, it’s not only the big hands that are interesting!

No limericks today. I’m saving my immense talent for the right moment. Watch this space.

Thanks to Lisa today for a very pleasant 24 boards. We’ll be back, along with Arnie!



Pos Pair Players Match
Score % Master
Small Slams Grand Slams
1 3 Helen Roberts & Barbara Goldman 178/ 288 61.81 35 2
2 8 Sid Ismail & Roz Whitburn 168/ 288 58.33 30 1
3 4 Judy Spangenberg & Pat Neuman 159/ 288 55.21 25
4 9 Neels Kloppers & Peter Callaghan 157/ 288 54.51 20 2
5 1 Vaun Robson & Diana Boudewijns 154/ 288 53.47 15
6 6 Roy Hayward & Lisa Adamson 146/ 288 50.69 10
7= 7 Jill Brown & Vanessa Woltersdorf 141/ 288 48.96 3
7= 14 Bridie Bullen-Smith & Cathy Saville 141/ 288 48.96 3
9= 10 Claire Tulej & Cherylin Mitchell 139/ 288 48.26
9= 12 Di & Trevor England 139/ 288 48.26
11 5 Lynn Cross & Colleen Russell 138/ 288 47.92
12 13 Margaret O’Neil & Ann Schreiber 128/ 288 44.44 1
13 11 Charles Berriman & Len Harrison 121/ 288 42.01
14 2 Sandy Madsen & Jennifer Payne 105/ 288 36.46

Hand Records

62 Aug 9