31st May 2017

Bridge Results 30 May 2017

That room was cold last night. The fire was roaring, nice for those who were close. Those of us who were sitting against the bitterly cold windows,separated from the warmth of the roaring fire by distance, weren’t that comfortable. But, as you all know, the worker bees don’t always have it that good in the hive, and so it is for all workers. Ah, I’m just waffling again.
There were wins for The Big Squeeze, against The League of Nations, by a margin of 16-4 and The Northern Lights just squeezed in against The Titans by a margin of 11-9.
The Crazy Dark Fillies(That name fascinates me, I wonder why?) did it against The Four Broke Girls by 13-7 and so we gird our loins for the final at the end of June.

The Big Squeeze seem to have it sewed up, with their final opponents next month needing a 20-0 result in order to pip them at the post. Very unlikely, but it’s a card game, with all it’s possible combinations and vagaries.

It’s not over till the fat lady sings!

Attached is the usual Excel file, with the full results and the cumulative scenario. Also attached are the hand records.

Team Results


Team Results Excel file

Hand Records