29th December 2018

Thanks once again to Jacks Club for allowing us to join them this afternoon, and a very pleasant afternoon it was. They had two powerful fans going at maximum speed, thereby making it possible to play bridge in a tolerable temperature, with five tables of dedicated bridge players beavering away!

Ian and I had some good luck along the way, some finesses were favourable, some leads fed themselves into our tenaces and some even distribution also helped, but there you are, we managed to pull it off again, followed by Mike and Liz Potgieter, then Pete and Rose Powers in third.

There was one unfortunate occurrence this afternoon, affecting board 11. As you will see on the attachment, at the first three tables NS played the contracts of 3NT, followed by the last two tables where the NT contracts were played by EW. After investigation by the TD, it was decided to give the last two tables an average because they weren’t responsible, but in the case of pairs 2 and 6, they were responsible for misboarding the hands, so they were penalised by a half a top each.

Thanks again to the guys and girls at Jack’s Club for their hospitality. Obviously an open invitation is always extended to their members to come and join us at Benoni Northerns at any of our sessions.

It’s raining now at Country View, accompanied by lightning and thunder, hopefully the kind of rain that will settle in and pour down in buckets.

That’s all for this year all you nice people out there. It has been a pleasure to meet with you through the ether like this and I look forward to the new year with great anticipation.

Happy New Year to all of you and yours,

From myself and the committee of Benoni Northerns Bridge Club.



Pos Pair Players Match
Score % Master
1 10 Roy Hayward & Ian Lowdon 125/ 192 65.10 25
2 4 Mike & Liz Potgieter 110/ 192 57.29 20
3 7 Pete & Rose Powers 109/ 192 56.77 15
4 6 Helen Roberts & Barbara Goldman 106/ 192 55.21 10
5 1 Jack Rutter & Yvonne Rimer 102/ 192 53.13 5
6 5 Margaret O’Neil & Shirley Barlow 86/ 192 44.79
7 8 Margaret Leatherbarrow & Karin Whitburn 82/ 192 42.71
8 2 Bernie Goldman & Tico Poplak 81/ 192 42.19
9= 3 Di & Trevor England 76/ 192 39.58
9= 9 David & Alana Pilley 76/ 192 39.58

Hand records

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