3rd August 2018

Bridge Team Results 31 Jul 2018

Tuesday night was the 6th round of our annual Teams championship, and results went largely according to handicaps.

The team of Bridie, Paul, Bill and Clyde had a huge win over Deirdre, Hanneke, Margaret and Helen, with a 20 / 0 result.
Diana’s team also had a 20 / 0 result against Bram’s team and Di’s team did it by a margin 15/5 against Caroline and her girls.
Attached are the latest standings, which show the following, in summary.
1 Bridie     90 VP’s
2 Diana     81 VP’
3 Roy       73 VP’s
4 Di          60 VP’s
5 Deirdre   31 VP’s
6 Caroline  22 VP’s
7 Bram       3 VP’s
The only team not to have had a bye thus far is that of Diana, so the final result rests on the end of August matches.
Goodnight all