29th June 2018

Bridge Team Results 26 Jun 2018

So there it is!

The 5th round of one of our major events of the year.

What drama! The first hand that Bernie and I picked up, board number 1, was a slam in hearts, duly bid, duly made. There was a hand with 9 hearts to the ten, there were also some mundane boards, there was some strange distribution, we had just about everything.

The match between Teams 1 and 3, that was Bridie’s against Di’s, had Team 3 leading at the halfway mark, but a second half recovery resulted in a 15/5 win for Team 1. In our encounter with Caroline and her ladies, we won 20/0, but they definitely could have done better. It must be said, especially to those of you who are new to teams events, that this is the most accurate and fairest form of bridge. In saying that, a team gets more severely punished for bidding lapses and casual mistakes made, with a single board’s results often determining the whole outcome of the contest.

I wasn’t privy to the contest between Deirdre’s and Diana’s teams, but the result went to Diana’s foursome by a margin of 15/5.

So, the current standings are as per the attached Excel spreadsheet. After 5 rounds, the standings are as follows:

1. Roy and his henchmen (and lady)
2. Bridie and her men
3. Diana and her team.
4. Di, Barbara, Tor and Cathy
5. Deirdre and her girls
6. Caroline and her girls
7. Bram and his team.

The above standings will of course change dramatically after the July event, because our team will have a bye, with, therefore, no points. Let’s see what happens then, followed by the final in August.

See you all tomorrow.



2018-06-26 TEAMS 2018 Results

Hand Records

49 June 26