6th September 2017

Bridge Results 5 Sep 2017

Well, well ! The evening was coolish, the hands were anything but ordinary and there was somewhat of a buzz going on. You see, there were several hands that were really perfect for competitive bidding. My favourite hand of the evening was, however, board 6. 6D can be made, but you have to be a combination of a mental contortionist and a bridge savant in order to calculate all the possibilities and final pathway to success on a 6D contract. Look at it and see what I mean.

Whew! But guess what, the hugely talented pair of yours truly and Bram came up trumps tonight and scraped into first place, just ahead of the industrious and hard studying Caroline and Marianne, who also dead heated with Di and Barbara.

Oh what a night! But now we look forward to Thursday and cannot wait to pick that first hand up and compete!

The entry form for our club championship is now out. It will be at the Treasurer’s table on Thursday. Please enter as soon as possible. The entry fee for 48 boards on Saturday the 14th October, including a lunch, is a paltry R80 per player. We are aiming for 12 tables, which is possible if we get your support.
Enter, enter !!

That’s all folks’

See you Thursday

Pos Pair Players Match
Score % Master
Small Slams Grand Slams
1 3 Roy Hayward & Bram Van Alten 71/ 126 56.35 25
2= 6 Caroline Franks & Marianne Dinham 68/ 126 53.97 18
2= 10 Di England & Barbara Goldman 68/ 126 53.97 18
4= 7 Paul van der Wal & Bridie Bullen-Smith 66/ 126 52.38 8
4= 9 Ann Schreiber & Diana Boudewijns 66/ 126 52.38 8
6 4 Guylaine Turton & Vaun Robson 65/ 126 51.59
7 5 Deirdre Ingersent & Helen Roberts 60/ 126 47.62
8 1 Geoff Ridyard & Jerome Mc Carthy 66/ 144 45.83 1
9 8 Heather Stevens & Judy Spangenberg 46/ 126 36.51
Hand records