5th December 2018

Bridge Results 4 Dec 2018

Good morning to you all from Rynfield Close, in Country View. I would have written earlier, but I’ve been struggling for a few hours to get a Vodacom signal, therefore no Gmail, no blank sheet to accommodate my ramblings, no results, no cerebral musings, nothing till the much advertised service provider actually provides! Forgive me if I’ve mentioned this before, but they sent me a questionnaire, wherein they asked me to rate their service. I replied, with venom dripping from each keystroke, a reply that they would definitely not be using in their advertising. The trouble was, the damn reply didn’t and couldn’t get through to them, so my acerbic comments got lost in the ether. Say no more!

And now to last night, where we contested the session with four and a half tables. The very competent pair of Wilkie and Verberck did it with 62,7%, followed by Di and Barbara, then Vaun and Guylaine. Then came the rest of us. Oh well, another day, another dollar, something like that, Thursday comes around two days after Tuesday, so we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Some information about next week, the main club’s closedown. Those of you playing on Tuesday and Thursday next are asked to bring a plate of snacks, one per pair. The prizegiving for Teams, 2018, will take place on Tuesday night, so those of you who participated should please attend. We will be playing on Tuesday and Thursday therefore, then the club closes down until the 7th January. Those of you who might be looking for a game over this period are welcome to pop into Jack’s club, which will be running their normal Thursday afternoon session on the 20th. They have extended an invitation to our members.

This morning early I saw a huge Goliath Heron stalking some poor fish at the dam. Did you know that these guys actually steal prey from Fish Eagles, they’re so big that no one messes with them. They are about 1,5 metres in length, weigh 4,5 kg and are the largest of all living herons, also having a wingspan of 2 metres. The literature I just accessed says that they know little about their mating rituals, but that their plumage becomes brighter during mating season. The one that I saw seems very bright, so we should probably expect some action around the Sandpan quite soon!

That’s enough excitement for all you youngsters this morning, so we’ll sign off on that note.

See you tomorrow



Pos Pair Players Match
Score % Master
Small Slams Grand Slams
1 3 Jan Verberck & Bill Wilkie 79/ 126 62.70 25 1
2 2 Di England & Barbara Goldman 68/ 126 53.97 20
3 8 Vaun Robson & Guylaine Turton 67/ 126 53.17 15
4 7 Paul van der Wal & Bridie Bullen-Smith 66/ 126 52.38 10 2
5 6 Lisa Adamson & Trish Blair 65/ 126 51.59 5 1
6 1 Roy Hayward & Ian Lowdon 62/ 126 49.21
7 9 Tor Meyer & Cathy Saville 66/ 144 45.83
8 4 Diana Boudewijns & Ann Schreiber 54/ 126 42.86
9 10 Marianne Dinham & Caroline Franks 49/ 126 38.89

Hand records

Tues 4 Dec