29th November 2017

Bridge Results 28 Nov 2017

You know what! This chairman of yours has been around the block before, done this and done that (did this and did that?). Whatever! Iv’e been playing bridge for so many years, that the memories have faded somewhat, not all of them, just the bad stuff, not the good.

But, in all my years, I have never, ever, come across a real, live, ghost amongst us!

It happened tonight.

There we were, sitting down to play the movement that Ian is always rabbiting on about. He nags me, you know. All the time! “Why don’t we play the 6 table movement where we play 22 boards only, but end up playing everyone instead of just some” Nag, nag, nag.

So, tonight I finally listened to him and loaded it. The computer program accepted it, telling me that it was a 22 board session, which was fine, I knew that, I clicked on it and away we went. From the outset, however, the bridgemates wouldn’t accept the players names and numbers. No problem, we were sitting out the first round, so I entered the names manually.

Wait for it!

The rolling screen had a message on top, reading ‘ Round 12 of 11’. Really! Then, there was a pair number 14 leading after a while. You might say what’s strange about that? Well, you see, there were only 11 pairs playing! And, round 12 of 11?

Finally, the ghost number 14 pair appeared on every board, on the score sheet screen, complete with contract played, by whom, card led, tricks made, score achieved, against whom. The pairs they allegedly played against had, in every case already played the hand. What? How does this happen? Where do the inputs come from?

I’m finished mentally, I think there’s a fair chance we’ve seen the last of the 22 board movement. Sorry, Ian.

Well done to that industrious pair of Cathy and Bridie for first place, followed by Deirdre and Helen, then Di and Barbara.

I’m now going to have a nightcap, go to bed and dream about it.

Like the Yanks would say “Go figure”

Your ever faithful servant,



Pos Pair Players Match
Score % Master
Small Slams Grand Slams
1 6 Bridie Bullen-Smith & Cathy Saville 106/ 160 66.25 30 1
2 2 Deirdre Ingersent & Helen Roberts 97/ 160 60.63 25
3 11 Di England & Barbara Goldman 95/ 160 59.38 20
4= 5 Shafik Ismail & Muhamed Razak 86/ 160 53.75 13 1
4= 9 Lisa Adamson & Diana Boudewijns 86/ 160 53.75 13
6 10 Bernie Goldman & Jan Verberck 84/ 160 52.50 5
7 1 Roy Hayward & Ian Lowden 77/ 160 48.13
8 7 Vaun Robson & Guylaine Turton 76/ 160 47.50
9 8 Tico Poplak & Bram Van Alten 66/ 160 41.25
10 4 Caroline Franks & Karin Whitburn 60/ 160 37.50
11 3 Geoff Ridyard & Jerome Mc Carthy 47/ 160 29.38

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