27th July 2018

Bridge Results 26 Jul 2018

Oh dear! The computer did a funny thing and stopped working after just a few hands. Well, not exactly not working, but it stopped recording or something like that. So what happens when you get something like that? You just have to sit down and either recreate all the inputs on the program and have the program automatically calculate the end results, voila! All is well, or you have to sit down, pen in hand and do the whole thing manually!!!

So, with the prospect of needing to do all the inputs that you would normally do, for 24 boards, times 18 pairs, that’s 24 times 18, that’s 432 inputs times 6, equalling 2592 entries, I opted for the manual route.

I sat down last night and discovered, to my complete surprise, that there are some people who don’t fill in the travellers correctly. Just little things, like getting their pair numbers wrong, not entering their numbers at all, not entering their results at all, just little things, really. But, master sleuth that I am, also knowing the handwriting of some of you, and having the names and pair numbers on the event record at least, I am reasonably certain that I can swear under oath that the results shown below represent the accumulated information given to me.

Having said all that, I had to scrap the results of boards 2 and 18, which were a jumbled, indecipherable mess. Effectively, therefore, you all received averages for these two boards.

Here, then, are the full results, for 22 boards. The winners, on 58.8%, were Margaret and Anne, with Tico and Bram second on 58.2%, then Ros and Shirley on 57.7%.

1 Margaret and Anne 58.8
2 Tico and Bram 58.2
3 Ros and Shirley 57.7
4 Claire and Wendy 57.1
5 Hans and Paul 55.1
6 Helen and Barbara 54.3
7 Lynn and Shirley 52.8
8 Hanneke and Ursel 52.6
9 Pat and Deirdre 52
10 Yvonne and Cherylin 51.7
11 Peter and Neels 49.7
12 Di and Trevor 47.7
12 Vaun and Diana 47.7
14 Geoff and Jerome 46.3
15 Jill and Vanessa 46
16 Bridie and Cathy 43.5
17 Sandy and Jennifer 36.6
18 Charles and Len 28.7

I’m going to have another morning coffee now, contemplate what my next action is going to be regarding my move tomorrow, then take a rest after all that mental exercise.

See you all next week.