24th October 2018

Bridge Results 23 Oct 2018

It’s 0730, a beautiful day outside at Country View and I’ve already walked the old guy around the side of the Sandpan. The old guy? Troy, of course! He turned 11 on the 25th of September and creaks a little when he gets up in the morning, the same as his old friend who walks him every day. But he loves the dam and splashes around in the shallows, chasing down some stick that I’ve thrown and relives his past youth in short bursts of energy that dissipate all too soon, as the toll of the passing years slow him down gradually. The walk homewards is always a little less exuberant now, ending in him flopping down on his bed and dreaming of past glories. What a life!

Thank you for allowing me to share the above with you. As we get older, we all reminisce on our passed youth and so do our pets, I suppose.

Now to last night and the events of the evening. The hands were of a certain appeal, with not everyone getting what they would have liked. But we all tried our best and dealt with the vicissitudes of the strange distribution and how to bid the contracts on offer, also the meddling types of competitive bids from competitors who weren’t going to just lie down and get run over. That’s the nature of our game and that’s what makes it so interesting.

That quite competent pair of Bill and Jan came in with a flourish towards the end and won it with an excellent 62.7%, followed by the reasonably competent pair of Hayward and Lowdon in second place. A feature of the evening was the closeness of the results, with only 2% separating the following four pairs.

Just a reminder or two. Our Club Pairs Championship is only a few weeks away, so get your entries in as soon as possible. There will be an entry form at Priscilla’s table tomorrow. We also wish our Team of Bill, Clyde, Bridie and Paul all the best for the upcoming Interclub Teams and look forward to a stellar performance from them.

I’ll see most of you tomorrow.



Pos Pair Players Match
Score % Master
Small Slams Grand Slams
1 4 Bill Wilkie & Jan Verberck 79/ 126 62.70 25
2 8 Roy Hayward & Ian Lowdon 72/ 126 57.14 20 1
3 10 Paul van der Wal & Bridie Bullen-Smith 64/ 126 50.79 15
4 2 Helen Roberts & Pauline Lind 71/ 144 49.31 10
5= 7 Guylaine Turton & Vaun Robson 61/ 126 48.41 3
5= 9 Ann Schreiber & Diana Boudewijns 61/ 126 48.41 3
7 3 Lisa Adamson & Trish Blair 59/ 126 46.83
8 6 Heather Stevens & Judy Spangenberg 56/ 126 44.44
9 5 Tor Meyer & Cathy Saville 53/ 126 42.06 1

Hand records

83 Oct 23