21st September 2018

Bridge Results 18 Sep 2018

On this beautiful, slightly windy Spring day, as I contemplate what I would like to share with all of you friends, first let me apologize about what happened last night, regarding the computer, what else! This time, it had nothing to do with anything else except, perhaps, the first two digits of my ID number. When I set up the program, I got sidetracked by something and neglected to plug the charger in, so the computer went to sleep before tea time, resulting in very few results being received.

Nevertheless and notwithstanding, the results were all retrieved and they are as per the attached file. Well done indeed to Diana and Anne, who won with an excellent 62.5%, followed by Vaun and Guylaine. My thanks also to Caroline for an enjoyable partnership last night.

Over the past few weeks I have been observing the goings-on in our club with a degree of concern. I refer to a few incidents concerning some decisions that went against some players and some plain unpleasantness that took place between some of us.

Firstly, concerning the Laws of Contract Bridge. As it is with any other sport you might participate in, there are rules, laws, call it what you like. In rugby, when you drop the ball forward, it’s called a knock-on and a scrum is called. In Golf, when you play out of a bunker, you cannot ground your club. And so on and so on. These laws of the game are there to ensure equity is maintained, that everyone can compete on an equal basis.

If you have a need for a ruling by the appointed Tournament Director, this person is called, she or he gives a ruling and the game goes on. If you are not happy with such a ruling, you always have a right to contest it at a higher level, such as the Gauteng Bridge Union. Normally the type of rulings that are delivered concern revokes or leads out of turn, insufficient bids or bids out of turn. There have been a few incidents of late, which I know I have referred to, concerning hesitation, or unnaturally long delays in bidding, which have also caused some tension when ruled upon.

The TD has undertaken courses about the Laws of Bridge, she is extremely well versed in such matters, so we expect her rulings to be accepted in the spirit of the game. She rules according to the information given to her, in a neutral, equitable fashion, so that equity is always maintained. We expect that these decisions are accepted as such. They are not personal, directed against you because you had an argument five years ago!

Last, but not least, I must admit to also getting a bit grumpy at times, where I might react to someone else that I perceive as having slighted me. I’m human, the same as you. I am just asking all of us to come together on Tuesdays and Thursdays as members of a band of bridge lovers who are able to play the game in a good spirit, friendly to all we play against, acknowledge the good play of the opposition, enjoy our successes without gloating and thereby enjoy the greatest game played with all one’s clothes on!

There ends today’s sermon. See you tomorrow. Keep cool! Think. Compete.Be nice!



Pos Pair Players Match
Score % Master
Small Slams Grand Slams
1 1 Ann Schreiber & Diana Boudewijns 90/ 144 62.50 20
2 7 Guylaine Turton & Vaun Robson 75/ 144 52.08 15
3 8 Tor Meyer & Cathy Saville 73/ 144 50.69 10
4 4 Jan Verberck & Bill Wilkie 72/ 144 50.00 5
5 3 Lisa Adamson & Trish Blair 70/ 144 48.61
6 5 Roy Hayward & Caroline Franks 69/ 144 47.92 2
7 6 Deirdre Ingersent & Helen Roberts 64/ 144 44.44
8 2 Judy Spangenberg & Heather Stevens 61/ 144 42.36

Hand Records

73 Sept 18