17th October 2018

Bridge Results 16 Oct 2018

Last night we had a huge turnout, with two and a half tables, complete with bustling action, periods of inaction, with sitouts of five boards, tea and coffee being taken on the run, or during 5 board sitouts.

Exciting stuff.
And, for those of you who have never competed in a two and a half table event, do you know that a top is worth 2 match points, second is a zero and a shared top is worth 1 match point.
Scoring manually is really easy, taking about 5 minutes. Writing down the names, five of them, takes about 45 seconds. Adding up the scores takes about another 5 minutes.
The longest part of this process is sending this email out.
The winners, the results?
First, Paul and Bridie, joint second, Roy and Ian, together with Vaun and Guylaine, fourth Caroline and Heather, 5th Bill and Jan.
By the way, after my chirp about whether people actually read my mails, I received two replies, which is encouraging, I suppose. Better than nobody.
Back to more positive matters, the entry form is now available at the Treasurer’s desk for the Club Championship, so just enter your names there when you register to play. We will require payment at least two weeks prior to the event in order to firm up your participation. To reiterate, it it open to all comers, but the title of Champion pair may only be awarded to a pair of members, also the cash prize for best overall result for the day. The individual sessions will also have cash prizes, for which non-members are eligible.
Roy. No, I’m not grumpy, just saying it as it is.
See most of you tomorrow.