17th January 2018

Bridge Results 16 Jan 2018

I couldn’t help wondering what some of our regulars were doing tonight instead of being there with us, playing bridge at our brilliant, modernised venue, doors open to the summer breezes wafting through from the cricket fields outside, the sound of crickets breaking through the spirited conversations of early evening thirst from the young revellers on the verandah. And the bridge was good, the company friendly, while being competitive, of course, and the hands arrived on the tables, they were sorted out, pondered upon and competed with vigour.

You missed this, all of you that weren’t there!  Your loss!

Anyway, the evening went to Cathy and Tor, with Vaun and Guylaine second, followed by Diana and Ann. Then came the rest of us, trying just as hard,  but just missing the odd bid, the odd trick, the odd finesse. Ah, there lies the rub, to borrow a much quoted phrase.

Please remember to complete a proposal form for anyone whom you would like to have on the committee, as these have to be submitted by Thursday next in order to qualify for inclusion with any others for the AGM on the 25th. Forms will be available on Thursday, so please take a moment and exercise your right as a member.

Under cover of a separate email, the minutes of last year’s AGM have just been sent to you. Please refresh your memory of what transpired last year and feel free to bring up anything arising out of it.

Goodnight to all of you, or good morning, as it happens, because it’s now twenty to five as I type this.



Pos Pair Players Match
Score % Master
Small Slams Grand Slams
1 6 Cathy Saville & Tor Meyer 126/ 192 65.63 25 1
2 4 Vaun Robson & Guylaine Turton 114/ 192 59.38 20
3 9 Diana Boudewijns & Ann Schreiber 106/ 192 55.21 15
4 3 Paul van der Wal & Bridie Bullen-Smith 103/ 192 53.65 10
5 2 Roy Hayward & Ian Lowden 100/ 192 52.08 5
6 5 Deirdre Ingersent & Helen Roberts 98/ 192 51.04
7 1 Jerome Mc Carthy & Geoff Ridyard 93/ 192 48.44
8 7 Di England & Barbara Goldman 84/ 192 43.75 1
9 10 Trish Blair & Lisa Adamson 73/ 192 38.02
10 8 Rosemarie Conlin & Dallis Pattle 63/ 192 32.81