12th July 2017

Bridge Results 11 Jul 2017

For those of you that weren’t there, we had five and a half tables, with a normal competitive vibe running through proceedings and some TD decisions having to be made.
At the end of the evening, Diana and Ann came out top of the pile, with Ros and Cathy second and Bill and Jan third.

Of the 11 pairs playing last night, there were two comparatively new pairs playing, which is so pleasing to us as a club and, of course, to the committee. We want to reiterate that we welcome all new players, regardless of skill levels, regardless of lack of experience, because without new blood, the club will eventually shrivel and die, along with all of us ‘senior citizens’ who have been the core of the membership, going back into antiquity.

There was some criticism last week from two of our members, regarding slow play from, in particular, one completely new member, who had not previously played duplicate. We accept it was a little trying to control the situation and I, in particular, was sorely pressed to control the timeous playing of hands. I accept it wasn’t ideal.

The point I want to make, however, is that we will continue to actively recruit new members, who will annoy some of you senior members from time to time, because they might not have the skills you have accumulated over many, many years and they might, of necessity, need more time to think, because they would not yet have the experience to bid and play at the same quick tempo that you have acquired over many, many years. Let’s just get used to it.

We are operating a very successful Monday afternoon class for beginners and inexperienced players who want to improve their skill levels. Lisa runs this and feedback is very good. In time, we will probably introduce a second tier section on Thursdays, and this will also bring some of these less experienced players into the mainstream of our weekly competitions, albeit slowly. The player who had problems keeping up with the seven minute hand limit last week is now attending Lisa’s classes.

A final thought. Just consider how many members have passed over the last few years. Those of us ‘senior members’ who can remember them all should just say a quiet ‘hello there’ to them and acknowledge their past contributions.

Let’s move on.

Finally, there was a hand last night which raised the temperature somewhat and was subject to a Tournament Director decision which will be sent out to you all a little later today.
Absolutely finally, Mari Steyn is looking for a game tomorrow. Anyone interested can just give me a call.



Pos Pair Players Match
Score % Master
Small Slams Grand Slams
1 5 Roz Whitburn & Cathy Saville 109/ 168 64.88 30
2 12 Diana Boudewijns & Ann Schreiber 124/ 192 64.58 25 1
3 9 Bill Wilkie & Jan Verberck 117/ 192 60.94 20
4 7 Lisa Adamson & Trish Blair 94/ 168 55.95 15
5 8 Barbara & Bernie Goldman 86/ 168 51.19 10
6 2 Roy Hayward & Bram Van Alten 80/ 168 47.62 5
7 4 Heather Stevens & Judy Spangenberg 77/ 168 45.83
8= 3 Caroline Franks & Marianne Dinham 68/ 168 40.48
8= 6 Dallis Pattle & Rosemarie Conlin 68/ 168 40.48
10 11 Geoff Ridyard & Jerome Mc Carthy 75/ 192 39.06
11 1 Guylaine Turton & Vaun Robson 62/ 168 36.90

Hand Records