4th May 2018

Bridge Results 1 May 2018

It wasn’t exactly the highest attendance, nor indeed the lowest!

Not that bad, really, with two and a half tables, 25 boards, rather quieter than usual, not much background chatter, too cold for fans, just enjoyable bridge. The results are as follows:

1 Caroline and Roy 57.5%
2 Ann and Diana 55%
3 Vaun and Guylaine 52.5%
4 Geoff and Jerome 50%
5 Lisa and Mari 35%

That’s all she wrote, folks!

On a rather sad note, I wish to advise you that Gloria’s funeral will take place on Thursday, the 3rd May, at 1000, at the Catholic Church, 106 Woburn Street. On behalf of the Committee and members of Benoni Northerns Bridge Club, I would like to express our deepest condolences to her family and close friends, of which there are many. May you rest in peace Gloria, you are already sorely missed by everyone you played with and against.


Hand records

33 May 1