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Est. 2006

Welcome to the Ekurhuleni's Premier Bridge Club

Benoni Northerns Bridge Club

Bridge serves to remind us that sport doesn’t have to be about who is the strongest, the fastest or the most dextrous; it’s also about mental fortitude. And that’s why we love to play it here at Benoni Northerns. Whether you’re an experienced bridge player looking to seriously compete or a beginner looking for a fun place to learn, Benoni Northerns Bridge club is the place for you.



Bridge's Latest news

Bridge Results 21 Nov 2017

It was a really lovely, balmy evening at Benoni Northerns, indeed it was probably a lovely, balmy evening all over Benoni, probably even further afield. Then there was bridge, and some people did rath…
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Bridge Results 16 Nov 2017

Eight tables of Benoni’s finest bridge players battling it out on a Thursday afternoon at Northerns. It could hardly be better than this. And for Trevor and Di it was especially sweet. Victory i…
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Bridge Results 14 Nov 2017

Well, well, it rained, it poured, the lightning was frightening, thunder was reverberating throughout the building, but the brave few soldiered on, brows furrowed in concentration. What a night! A fun…
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Bridge Results 10 Nov 2017

“Veni vidi vici”. Thus said Julius Caesar after winning battles in Asia Minor in about 47 BCE. “I came, I saw,I conquered” was what he said all those years ago, which is what h…
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Bridge Results 7 Nov 2017

Let me start with the weather last night. It was stiflingly hot, so we had to open the doors at the end of the hall and switch on all the fans, which made it tolerable, indeed rather pleasant. There w…
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Bridge Results 26 Oct 2017

Apologies for the afternoon gremlins, the guilty party being the faulty plugs in the ladies bar, which were’nt able to charge the battery. Priscilla and I will be shopping for a new laptop early…
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Bridge Results 24 Oct 2017

We played in the Ladies Bar last night, which will also be the venue for Thursday, because the hall is being used for exams at present. The room seemed bigger, because we were able to open the stacker…
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Bridge Results 19 Oct 2017

There were no hands today with two Aces of the same suit, thank goodness, and the computer program behaved itself and all is well. The two gentlemen from Pretoria did it again, winning by some 6% from…
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Bridge Results 17 Oct 2017

As I sat there last night, after perhaps the worst session myself and Ian have ever played, I remembered the following quote from a dim, distant past. ” I AM NOT AN EARLY BIRD OR A NIGHT OWL. I …
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