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Est. 2006

Welcome to the Ekurhuleni's Premier Bridge Club

Benoni Northerns Bridge Club

Bridge serves to remind us that sport doesn’t have to be about who is the strongest, the fastest or the most dextrous; it’s also about mental fortitude. And that’s why we love to play it here at Benoni Northerns. Whether you’re an experienced bridge player looking to seriously compete or a beginner looking for a fun place to learn, Benoni Northerns Bridge club is the place for you.



Bridge's Latest news

Bridge Results 12 Sep 2017

It’s Wednesday morning in Rynfield, the sun is shining so brightly that you need shades just to get out of bed and yes, I’ve walked the dog. So, all is well here and I trust the same is tr…
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Bridge Results 7 Sep 2017

We had 8 full tables today, which is a very good turnout, but where are the rest of you? As I mentioned the other day, we are aiming for 12 tables for our club championship on the 14th October and we …
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Bridge Results 5 Sep 2017

Well, well ! The evening was coolish, the hands were anything but ordinary and there was somewhat of a buzz going on. You see, there were several hands that were really perfect for competitive bidding…
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Bridge Results 31 Aug 2017

We are pleased to announce that our team for the Interclub Teams Championship is that of Bill, Clyde, Paul and Bridie. We wish them all of the best and know that they will represent us proudly. Our cl…
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Bridge Results 29 Aug 2017

Your much delayed Tuesday night results. That’s Tuesday the 29th I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get onto our Gmail site, and then, this afternoon, when I drove down to the Cell…
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Bridge Results 24 Aug 2017

Well, well, we started with some confusion, due to different coloured cards(the backs, not the suits) and there were some 15 and 11 card partnerships, but this all comes to try us from time to time. I…
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Bridge Results 22 Aug 2017

Tuesday night, 22nd August, amongst the building activities, the new entrance, the new passage way, the new look hall, the Bridge! Those of us that were there can attest to the fact that there are exc…
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Bridge Ladder 17 Jul 2017

Attached is the year to date July 17th individual average performance for all of us. The averages are calculated by the Scorebridge program with the following parameters; The top 10% and bottom 10% of…
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Bridge Results 17 Aug 2017

Before I get to the results, just an apology from me for what could be interpreted as raising my voice to you all this afternoon, calling for people not to start moving before the bell is rung. Also, …
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Bridge Results 15 Aug 2017

OH what a night, 15th August,2017. The results! A great night for that most challenged pair of bridge players, Bill and Jan. They scraped a win with a modest percentage of 71.25%. Not bad! Then came T…
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