21st November 2019

The Scimitar 21 Nov 2019

Good morning to you all from a hive of activity at the North

Toy run time….. this is one weekend that is one serious bunch of work….but definitely is one of the most satisfying and enjoyable Club events that I participate in during the year….all the subsections climb in and assist us in the serving behind the bar….with this interaction between subsections, it allows piles of laughter as new friendships are forged with the task at hand….and at the end of the day…we supply refreshments to thousands of bikers, their families and friends and spectators…..and a mountain of toys is donated  and ready for distribution to those less fortunate over the festive period….so if you aren’t busy…please pop down on Sunday….also be aware that there will be a lot of road closures on the day…so ensure that you are here early…or be prepared to walk a fair distance to get to the venue….hopefully I will see you all there….

Toyrun Gauteng: Mix fm 93.8 FM

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Last Friday saw the search for the Joker continue….as the beeeeeg black box produced another first timer as Emma Pietrousti’s name emerged…..I think that Emma’s face portrayed the exact emotion I expect goes through everyone’s mind when they are standing waiting for the name to be announced…you never expect your name to be called….then it is the doubt and the question “Really?”….. and once the confirmation that it is your name…and you need to come up to the cabinet to complete your selection….and then the nerves kick in and the butterflies start fluttering in your stomach….and when you look at the cabinet….it looks a whole lot bigger than you remember it….and there appear to be a helluva lot more choices now from this side of the bar than there were on the other side….and now the anxiety sets in as the choice needs to be made….and in Emma’s case…after having her photo taken….she was left to her own devices for her choice, staring at the board and willing it to reveal the hiding place of the jester…..and once the choice was made…then she had another agonising wait as Glenda slowly and tantalisingly turned the card over…to reveal?….. the two of hearts….and then the sudden hub-bub of the crowd started to increase as they realised that the quest was still on….and next week could be their chance….and now…as we pass half way of the this particular draw….and have 27 cards face up…..we have hit 6 figures with our jackpot…..please feel free to join us this week to find the joker and win R100809…..with only a R5 ticket you could have that in your bank account shortly….

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Last week Ryno and his band Freedom Unfound rocked us into the weekend and this week we welcome a new band “Plus Two”…..from all reports and the sound clips that I have heard…they sound fantastic….have a blast at the North on this festive Friday…

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It looks like our cricketers have hit a bit of a wobble as we lost again this week…this time to Alberton at home….after losing the toss and being asked to bowl…we toiled away manfully to haul the opposition out for 228 in the final over…Matthew Wittstock and Leonard Killeen being our best bowlers, with 3-18 and 3-25 respectively….but our batting reply was somewhat atrocious….losing our first wicket with the total on 1 and it never really recovered from there….the only batter to put up any resistance as Rian van der Merwe with 23 and with only two other scores in the teens….we were bundled out for a disappointing 90 in just over 28 overs…..we are going to have to get over this loss very sharply… we face United at home on Sunday in a what is fast becoming a must win every match from now on situation….well lads….knuckle down and let us celebrate on Sunday evening with a solid win please….

All other sport will be on hold at the North for this weekend so there is nothing further to report on that front….

Those of you that have been at the North, will have seen that there is some activity happening in the Ladies bar and one of the change rooms that we upgraded with the big renovation in 2017….we will shortly have the ladies bar with some “zoosh” and a new committee room that we have been battling without since the implementation of the of the pizza kitchen….so an exciting time with some new additions and improvements….

If you have any gripes or laurels about the Club, please whip them on a mail to me at

Hopefully I will see you over the weekend at the draw or on Sunday at the Toyrun….have a super week  Regards Rod

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Congratulations to the committee elected for 2020.

Chairman: Lourens Smit ( 11th year in 2020)

Vice Chairman: Jaco Havenga ( 3rd year in 2020)

Treasurer: Magda Blignaut ( 1st year in 2020 but served for 6 years previously)

Secretary: Chantal Schwan ( 2nd year in 2020)

Club Captain: Benno Jan Raven ( first year in 2020)

Marketing: George Waldeck( new position)

Event Coordinater: Rene De Beer ( new position)

Additional members Leon Van Rooyen and Beverley Carol Gillan