Established 1977
400+ Members

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Established 1980

150+ Members

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Established 1972

250+ Members

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Established 1975

500+ Members

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Established 1972

300+ Members

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Established 1972

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Established 2006

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Established 2004

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Established 1910, joined 2017

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Welcome to Ekurhuleni's Premier Sports Club

Benoni's Sporting Heartbeat

Benoni Northerns is so much more than a cricket club, a soccer club or a hockey club. Since our humble beginnings in 1972, we’ve grown to become the sporting heartbeat of Benoni and its surrounds – a club defined by the balance between competitive excellence and family values. Within our 20-hectare grounds, are some of the most envied facilities in the area that will give you every chance of excelling, and every chance of enjoying yourself.

The only thing we covet more than winning is the joy and comraderie of sporting competition. Our members are our lifeblood. To us, the runner battling through his first road race is just as welcome as the batsman scoring a century at Club Champs; the veteran tennis player just as important as the star who scores the winner in the Benoni derby.

Benoni Northerns Naming Competition!

Something exciting and new is happening at Northerns and we want your help! Beady eyed members may have noticed a wee bit of construction going on in the Beer Garden lately, and come 01 July 2019, we will have a new pizza and coffee cafe up and running to serve our members as well as a new mobile drinks bar in the form of the caravan to alleviate some of the bar traffic.

We are running a competition to choose the names of both the pizza/ coffee cafe and the mobile drinks bar. Submit your entries by clicking the link! The winners will each be awarded a R250 Benoni Northerns voucher! You can enter as many times as you like! Winning names will be chosen by the committee and will be contacted directly!

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What's new at Benoni Northerns

BNBC Beginners Bridge Club

Benoni Northerns Beginners Bridge Monday Afternoons 13h15 for 13h30 R25 per person Refreshments, good company and quite a few laughs! All welcome, whether you have a partner or not. Start-up Lessons:…
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Bridge claiming tricks

The topic of this missive has been a topic of discussion in quite a few T.D. queries lately,and I’ve heard of similar queries at the Links and Sid’s club.  I hope that these snippets will…
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Bridge Results 30 Mar 2017

The last Thursday of the month was good for some, moderate for others and not so good for others, including yours truly and partner. Apologies for the late start, but I just had the wrong movement loa…
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Bridge Results 28 Mar 2017

And then there was round two of the great ongoing drama ! There were furrowed brows aplenty, great concentration, little chit-chat, even from those who are well known for their loquaciousness ! It was…
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Bridge Results 23 Mar 2017

There was thunder and lightning outside, the clouds were dark and threatening, but the hands being played were even more dramatic than the weather. As I didn’t have a partner (he’s partyin…
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Your Sport | Your Way

We recognise that talent reveals itself in different disciplines, at different times of life.  That’s we have no less than 8 Benoni Northerns’ sub-sections through which men, women, boys and girls, can represent our esteemed club, at varying levels of competition. See what they’re all about below.


Est: 1977
400+ members

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Est: 1980
150+ members

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Est: 2006
50+ members

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Est: 1972
250+ members

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Est: 1975
500+ members

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Est: 1972
300+ members

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Est: 1910, joined 2017
50+ members

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Est: 2004
100+ members

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Est: 1972
20+ members

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The Committee

Get in touch with our committee – use the contact details below.


Craig Wittstock


Laurence Brown


Emma da Silva


Glenda Roux


John Ansell

Club Manager

Rod Scheepers


Andrew Dudley


Alan Knight


Adele David


Rodney Farrell


Ted Jarvis


Glen Barnard


Henry Kershaw

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