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Est. 2006

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Benoni Northerns Bridge Club

Bridge serves to remind us that sport doesn’t have to be about who is the strongest, the fastest or the most dextrous; it’s also about mental fortitude. And that’s why we love to play it here at Benoni Northerns. Whether you’re an experienced bridge player looking to seriously compete or a beginner looking for a fun place to learn, Benoni Northerns Bridge club is the place for you.



Bridge's Latest news

Bridge Results 26 Apr 2018

Good evening to all you bridge players. Let me just start by seconding Ian’s comments and condolences expressed regarding the sudden passing of that lovely lady, Gloria Mather. I will certainly …
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Bridge Results 19 Apr 2018

“There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life Is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now …
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Bridge Results 17 Apr 2018

Oh yes, indeed! The top pairs were separated by only a few points, but a really good win from Di and Barbara, with Bill and Jan coming joint second, together with Paul and Bridie. When you look at the…
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Bridge results 12 Apr 2018

So you thought I had gone to sleep and just forgotten about sending the results out, didn’t you? Well, no, it just had to do with a decision I was awaiting from the Tournament Director, which me…
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Bridge Results 10 Apr 2018

Oh what a surprise! A lesson in humility, that’s what it was. Just a small apology to my partner last night for showing a little pique at times. The lesson in humility arises from the fact that,…
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Bridge Results 5 Apr 2018

Good evening to all you bridge people. I could have said ‘aficionados’ but then you might accuse me of trying to sound sophisticated, suave and all that stuff, No, no, I’m not like t…
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Bridge Results 3 Apr 2018

Well, well, I believe I think I might have quoted this line before, but there once was an entertaining little movie, back in the early 70s, called ” If it’s Tuesday, it must be BelgiumR…
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Bridge Results 29 Mar 2018

On this, probably the most significant of days in the Christian calendar, we express our best wishes to all of our members, and trust you will all have a blessed Easter. I found a very apt saying that…
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