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Est. 2006

Welcome to the Ekurhuleni's Premier Bridge Club

Benoni Northerns Bridge Club

Bridge serves to remind us that sport doesn’t have to be about who is the strongest, the fastest or the most dextrous; it’s also about mental fortitude. And that’s why we love to play it here at Benoni Northerns. Whether you’re an experienced bridge player looking to seriously compete or a beginner looking for a fun place to learn, Benoni Northerns Bridge club is the place for you.



Bridge's Latest news

Bridge Results 2 Mar 2017

Here they are! We think the lightning had something to do with it, because the computer screen went off just before tea time, then wouldn’t come back on, despite us trying everything. I really t…
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Bridge Teams Championship

Attached is an Excel file (12.1kb) containing last night’s results. The teams have some exotic titles, and our particularly grandiose ‘moniker’ is thanks to Ian. Hopefully we’l…
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Bridge Results 23 Feb 2017

Here are today’s results. Great win for Lisa and Mary, with an excellent second to Pat and Judy. Please remember that Tuesday night will be confined to the upcoming teams competition. See you al…
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Bridge Results 21 Feb 2017

It was pouring rain outside, the night was cold for a February, but the bridge was hot! There were some huge hands and some tiny hands, but it all depended on what one did with them. Congratulations t…
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Bridge Results 16 Feb 2017

The results could’t be sent last night, because the computer was giving me problems. I had to load all the results manually, plus minus 200 individual entries, then there was something wrong in …
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Bridge Results 14 Feb 2017

Valentine’s Day ! And a few tops with love ! And a few bottoms with gritted teeth ! Well done to that very good pair of Vaun and Guylaine, coming in first by a comfortable margin, with Paul and …
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New Treasurer – Annette Venter

With reference to my previous communication regarding the above, I have pleasure in advising you that we have taken the option available in our constitution, to co-opt someone onto the committee, in e…
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Lisa Adamson registration

It is with the utmost regret that I wish to inform all members of the resignation of Lisa Adamson as Treasurer and committee member of our club. I would like to quote Ian Lowden on the role Lisa has p…
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Bridge Results 9 Feb 2017

Seventy two percent! That’s right! Diana and Vaun did it with style, panache, skill and all those other superlatives yesterday. What a result! Followed in second place with a not so shabby 62% b…
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Bridge Results 7 Feb 2017

Well,well, the hands were wild and woolly, the bidding was intense, and Bridie and Paul did it with 58,93%. The always consistent pair of Di and Barbara came in second. There’s a first time for …
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