Benoni Northerns Bridge Club

Est. 2006

Welcome to the Ekurhuleni's Premier Bridge Club

Benoni Northerns Bridge Club

Bridge serves to remind us that sport doesn’t have to be about who is the strongest, the fastest or the most dextrous; it’s also about mental fortitude. And that’s why we love to play it here at Benoni Northerns. Whether you’re an experienced bridge player looking to seriously compete or a beginner looking for a fun place to learn, Benoni Northerns Bridge club is the place for you.



Bridge's Latest news

Bridge Results 3 Aug 2017

Amidst the banging of hammers, the creaking sounds of unoiled wheelbarrow wheels and the nip in the air through torn canvas sheets, the unperturbed members of Benoni Northern Bridge Club went about th…
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Bridge Results 1 Aug 2017

The smoky room, where serious bridge was played That’s correct, all of you who missed the action last night! The fire was burning, as usual, but just before we started playing, there was a sound…
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Bridge Results 27 Jul 2017

I hope you all enjoyed the ambience of the tennis club this afternoon. It was cosy, wasn’t it? The toilets needed a little work and there was only one working electrical plug, but nevertheless, …
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Bridge Results 25 Jul 2017

Aren’t the new glass stacked doors beautiful in the Ladies’ Bar? What a nice venue for Tuesday nights in winter! And Helen and Pauline did it two weeks running. With 59% to Di and Barbara&…
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Bridge Results 20 Jul 2017

10 Tables ! That’s right. Well, actually nine and a half, but who’s counting. What a great turnout. I was concerned for a while, thinking we wouldn’t have enough Bridgemates! What a …
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Bridge Results 18 Jul 2017

I know you’re probably tired of hearing it, but I have to say that the night was cold, but the room was warm, the fire blazing away and some very good and challenging hands were played by some v…
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Bridge Results 13 Jul 2017

Then it was Thursday, a good day for bridge lovers in Benoni. Amidst the banging and dust and construction activity outside, we quietly went about our thoughtful perusal of our randomly dealt cards an…
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Bridge Results 11 Jul 2017

For those of you that weren’t there, we had five and a half tables, with a normal competitive vibe running through proceedings and some TD decisions having to be made. At the end of the evening,…
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Bridge Results 6 Jul 2017

Welcome once again to the new members gracing our presence. We are really happy to have you join us in this never-ending passion we embrace and take part in every week. We had 8 tables today, with som…
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Bridge Results 4 Jul 2017

So what can I say? We started off by playing the wrong board at the first table. After this somewhat shaky start, Bram and I wobbled along and managed to recover. Sorry Bram, I was sitting North, so i…
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