7th March 2018

Bridge Results 6 Mar 2018

What a lovely evening for bridge. We had the doors open to the late summer air, it wasn’t quite the ‘Summer Wind’ of Sinatra, but balmy it was, quite perfect in fact.

We had some challenges tonight. This time it had nothing to do with the computer, which behaved itself. The urn didn’t heat the water! Goodness gracious me! We had to play right through without our usual tea and coffee break. Disastrous? No! But irritating nonetheless and another thing on our list of items to attend to.

And now to the contests that took place tonight. The two old guys did it with aplomb, coupled with style and a dash of luck. But such is life. The elements were favourable, the hands were kind and the bids were, for the most part, on the money!

That’s correct, Ian and his struggling partner did it tonight with a little over 60%, followed by Di and Barbara and Helen and Pauline.

We look forward to Thursday, as usual, when we’ll resume where we left off tonight. See you then.

On their wedding night a couple arrive at their hotel room and the phone rings. The husband answers and talks to his friend about a bridge hand. The conversation continues for hours as the friend tells him how he went down in six spades.

When it finally ends his distraught wife is in tears and says “How can you be so inconsiderate? That was terrible!”

” You’re right, darling. All he had to do was take a finesse.”

That’s all for now,



Pos Pair Players Match
Score % Master
Small Slams Grand Slams
1 5 Roy Hayward & Ian Lowden 117/ 192 60.94 30
2 11 Di England & Barbara Goldman 95/ 168 56.55 25
3 12 Helen Roberts & Pauline Lind 93/ 168 55.36 20
4= 2 Judy Spangenberg & Heather Stevens 91/ 168 54.17 13
4= 7 Tor Meyer & Marianne Dinham 104/ 192 54.17 13
6 10 Geoff Ridyard & Jerome Mc Carthy 90/ 168 53.57 5
7 9 Lisa Adamson & Trish Blair 89/ 168 52.98 1
8 4 Vaun Robson & Guylaine Turton 78/ 168 46.43
9 6 Caroline Franks & Karin Whitburn 71/ 168 42.26
10 3 Dallis Pattle & Rosemarie Conlin 72/ 192 37.50
11 8 Ann Schreiber & Diana Boudewijns 60/ 168 35.71

Hand Records

17 march 6