Monthly Archives: August 2018

Bridge Results 7 Aug 2018

I know I don’t complain much, about anything, or at least I think so, but there was a dearth of good cards last night. At least for me! But there I go again you might say, complaining again! The evening was good for Tor and Cathy, they certainly had no complaints, with a winning score […]

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The Scimitar 7 Aug 2018

BNSC NEWSLETTER From me, a very excited good morning to you all… Excitement you say?….how can the grumpy old man that sits in the corner speak of excitement….well, myself and close on 900 other Masters hockey players are descending on the coastal city of Durban to take part in the annual pilgrimage to the city […]

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Bridge Team Results 31 Jul 2018

Tuesday night was the 6th round of our annual Teams championship, and results went largely according to handicaps. The team of Bridie, Paul, Bill and Clyde had a huge win over Deirdre, Hanneke, Margaret and Helen, with a 20 / 0 result. Diana’s team also had a 20 / 0 result against Bram’s team and […]

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Bridge Results 2 Aug 2018

I suppose there were several funny and momentous moments this afternoon, but as you all know, I wasn’t there, well not until nearly the end, so I really cannot say much about the hands, the bad distribution that always went against you, nor the finesses that never worked etc, etc. I couldn’t help noticing a […]

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The Scimitar 31 Jul 2018

BNSC NEWSLETTER A warm and sunny good morning to everyone….. As I look across the car park…I see the first inklings of Spring….there is a slight tinge of green on the Oak trees that line the avenue down to the Tennis Club (similar to those outside my home)….and I have been able to come to […]

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